Boston to Taipei 2013
8.25" x 86" (double sided)
An album of directions and instructions.
Google walking directions from Boston to Taipei consists of 2052 lines of instructions, 94 printed pages, 11749 miles with a travel time of 155 days and 5 hours. Marvelously absurd at times, kayaking from Seattle to Hawaii for example, it is  a humorous glitch in our information feed.


Walking V 2014
5.5" x 105" 
mixed media on paper


Crossings (detail)  2015
8' x 16'
string, map pins, paper, duralar on wall

In the exhibition Proximities,  several of the works in the Random Walk series Wu uses her body to track time and space, and marking her movements, location, geography, and topography. “Crossings” (2015), is a site-specific wall drawing that records a walk completed by the artist throughout Boston. Her recorded movements grow exponentially as she works directly on the wall. The dot and line drawing is made of construction paper and fishing line and creates a rhizome-like network.


A Field Guide to Getting Lost
3:57' HD video installation, deconstructed pages from Rebecca Solnit's book of the same title. 

 Random Walks and Chance Encounters
Minnesota Museum of American Art


Paths 3-4-11
96" x 42"
Black paper, fishing string on wall  

9. DoReMi  2009.jpg

DoReMi 2009
ink, graphite on canvas    
12" x 12"
Mapping urban sounds and urban walks