Yu-Wen Wu is a visual artist challenging our impressions of accuracy and storytelling in video, installation, drawing and sculpture. Her work has long been focused on movement, migration, and displacement. Compositing imagery, Wu gracefully draws together the natural world and social movement, on both a personal and global scale. She intimately approaches her own experiences of immigration and other culturally specific happenings by presenting them as a series of natural occurrences, not dissimilar from the migrating bird, passing cloud or ocean tide. She is dedicated to identifying systems and recreating patterns that sync nature and society - as if to suggest that understanding is accumulated from isolating such rhythms. Visualizations of data - charts, mapping and quantifiable gestures - are the language in which Wu's stories are revealed. She provides us with a truth, but from a distance and in a language we’re most likely to believe.

M. Cavallo 

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