September 29, 2018 One Greenway Park, 66 Hudson Street, Boston, MA

6:00 HD videos/ 5 channel installation/ 5 tents

Displacement of people and communities linked to adverse effects of climate change is a current reality and expected to increase in the future. WITH/OUT WATER is an outdoor multichannel video installation bringing attention to issues of environmental displacement. The videos are projected onto the walls of tents symbolic of temporary shelters.
The installation is on the site where the state displaced hundreds of predominantly Chinese and Syrian immigrant families to route a highway through their neighborhood in the 1960’s. Working with Boston’s Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) and Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC), words and images of Chinatown residents speaking about immigration, environmental concerns and community is an aspect of this installation. Projections show Boston’s rising waters will adversely affect this community. WITH/OUT WATER brings this and other environmental discussions to the forefront.

Funded by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Art for Science Rising Initiative
Collaborative support from ACDC and BCNC Pao Arts Center

Climate Change Connects with Fears of Displacement in Boston Art Installation

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