Tempo Frieze
Excerpt from 43:52 HD video
43:52' continuous loop
sound composed by Tamar Diesendruck


Tempo Frieze developed from years of observing and documenting the structure and movement of clouds under various meteorological conditions and in many geographic locations. In the manipulation of time and selection of sight lines of the varied source material, tempo and choreography create visual poetry. Tamar Diesendruck’s composition uses field recordings, tracks created for this project, and snippets of her instrumental work. Initiated by scientific inquiry, the piece seeks to question time, perception, sensation and memory.
Tempo Frieze is a site-specific installation creating an environment that invites the audience in for whatever length of time.

TF installed.jpg

"Boston-based Yu-Wen Wu has produced a mesmerizing 40-minute video of cloud formations..
Wu’s “Tempo Frieze” is a compelling visual symphony..."  --Mary Abbe