Poetry of Translations 2011
solo exhibition

Poetry of Translations is a series of pen and Chinese brush drawings on rice paper. This body of twelve drawings explore the transliteration of text and data systems. The simultaneous tangible and intangible meanings underlying information is underscored by drawing on fragile rice paper. The meticulous hand drawn assimilation and reinterpretations of statistical data, of Galileo’s observations of Jupiter and its moons, of an article from the New York Times, of music scores, a poem, a letter, to name a few, are meant to draw out the visual poetry of how we might mark a moment, a day, a year in a life.
Journal of Wanderings was collected over several months-- paragraphs of literature, poetry, data or visual ideas crossing paths in daily walks.

Haslla Museum of Art
Gangneung South Korea
curated by Ha Lim Kim and Shin Jung Park
September to October 2011