Liquid Information is a series of collaborative media and performance works in relation to water by Yu-Wen Wu,  Dalida Maria Benfield, Robert Ochshorn.  Each artist works from different standpoints: Water as a necessity for human life; water as metaphor for media; water as currency; water as code; water and climate. This iteration of the project for HUBweek takes as its starting point Wu’s practice of the derive making roving projections that interact with the urban landscape. Together, the artists will produce a series of ephemeral, mobile video projection events that address these current issues of water. 

In White Noise, Wu reframes the narrative of water in its various forms. White Noise echoes, digitally, the visual and auditory experience of the constancy of water. In its beauty and power, water is both a necessity to human life and a threat of uncontrollable forces. White Noise is part of a new series of individual and collaborative works, Liquid Information. 
In this time of extreme weather and rising waters, Wu projects onto City Hall in response to Climate Ready Boston, the city’s research study examining the effects of future rising sea levels in different areas of Boston.