LEAVINGS/BELONGINGS At the Pao Arts Center May 23 to August 23 2019

2018-2019 Artist in Residence

LEAVINGS/BELONGINGS (installation view)

LEAVINGS/BELONGINGS (installation view)

Human migration will be a defining issue of this century. Within the global community, record numbers of people are being displaced as the result of armed conflicts, human rights abuse, economic deprivation and adverse effects of climate change. People continue to cross borders and to relocate in search of safety and a decent life.
LEAVINGS/BELONGINGS at PAO gives voice to the individual immigrant and refugee who make it to the United States. Over the last six months over 150 community members have participated in the Leavings/Belongings project with Yu-Wen Wu, artist-in-residence at the Pao Arts Center. Participants created symbolic cloth-wrapped bundles while sharing stories about their own and their family’s immigration journeys. These bundles represent what is left behind and what may be carried in migration – survival, hope and dreams. Collected throughout Wu's residency, this exhibition at Pao includes photographs, video, and a site specific sculptural installation of the bundles. Through the act of making together, participants share their narratives of migration, generating dialogue that bridge across experience, generations, and ethnicity.

LEAVINGS/BELONGINGS is a durational project.

In 'Leavings/Belongings,' Artist Yu-Wen Wu Explores Women's Stories of Displacement
Wbur; the ARTery; Pamela Reynolds

Photos from some sessions with organizations in New England.